Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shopping Dilemma

What should I buy myself for my birthday? I don't need, dare I say it - GASP - any more yarn. I already ordered some Knit Picks Memories, it is on clearance and it looks like they are phasing it out. I ordered my favorites Fly Fishing, Morning Glory, Yukon and Smores. I gave my Sister my pair of smores socks so I will need to make another pair for myself. The other colorways I will keep in my collection for future inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, it is Wednesday I have to check out Toya and Adrienne's podcast. Adrienne did inspire me to go to L'Occitane and buy the Almond body wash. A gift from Mom for my birthday, I was not sure Mom would be able to get out and shop so I picked something up for her :D

I bought myself a new ring, but that does not count because it is a replacement for the one my sister ran over with the car. Not as interesting as it sounds!! Lets just say HSN is good for a jewelry fix (so to speak).

So what should I get for me? What I need is time, but I have only been back to work for 7 days so that's not going to happen. It is too hot for chocolate, I hate melted Sees Candies - ruins the deliciousness. I was looking at the Jordana Page Knitting Satchel on Jimmy Beans Wools last night, maybe the deep red one ?!? I think yes. I will be 48, not a milestone but a goodish number to achieve.


Adrienne said...

Get the bag! that is the one I want!!!!

Robin said...

I just bought a Jordana Paige red bag 2 weeks ago and I love it!!!!. I have never spent this kind of money on a purse or bag and I have to say it was worth it. I have a pic on my blog .