Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Long Sleepless Night

Did you hear that? That was me screaming and doing the happy dance like an idiot. I got my Ravelry Invite. My username is paletpc (Please note: different spelling than my Lime & Violet messageboard username Palette Pc). I may never knit again. You see, Ravelry is not just knitter's utopia, they are also linked to Flickr and Library Thing. I will never logout, I will never sleep, I will never eat anything that requires traveling downstairs to the kitchen, the dog will not get any belly rubs and my Mother will have to talk to herself. I AM ON RAVELRY. My first, maybe third thing, will be to figure out how to link/upload my Library Thing (and if possible) knitting and crochet booklists so I don't have to reenter those. Then I will see if I can use copy and paste from my eKnits software and/or excel to put my needle, yarn and hook inventory in. And the pictures, that's going to take awhile. So I guess last night was the last good night's sleep I will be getting for awhile. I may even be forced to carry my lap top around for a few weeks, just to get the yarn collection entered. Sounds like a lot of work, no?!? To a technogeek like me it sounds like heaven. SQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . . .Thank you Jess and Casey


Ava said...

Yes, and imagine being about to access Ravelry on an could look at your stash anywhere anytime, especially for consultation while you're yarn shopping. Someone's already suggested it to Jess and Casey. If I had the money to blow I'd be at Cingular's front door Friday morning.

Robin said...

That is so fantastic that you got your invite!!!... I am still waiting for mine :( I will look you up when ever I get invited .. enjoy yourself, and get some sleep along the way.