Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog Binder

I printed my entire blog from September 2006 to June 26, 2007. I now know when projects were started and finished. Where the pictures of yarn purchases and usage are stored. WIP pictures of projects that are on hiatus; which I was so enthusiastic about when I cast on :} It is kind of funny to read what I have said since I started this blogging thing. Glad I ran back across that Shopping and Reviews post (or $$ not $$) and the Secret and Sockret Pal Swap swag. I have some yarn gifts stashed that I need to pull out, I have the perfect patterns for them. The best thing I got out of printing this blovel is that I will be able to get my info into Ravelry so much faster. I can copy all of the pictures to flicker and paste my comments and know exactly which posts to link to each project. I think I will also devise a set of Labels now and add them to the posts for future grouping. To the well organized mind, Ravelry is just another adventure. I do like knitting patterns too, Dumbledore ;)


Bev Love said...

Apologies to Robin, Virtuous, Adrienne, Beth and Robin. I had checked you comments then there was a duplicate I wanted to reject, I ended up rejecting them all. Sorry about that, I did get to read them first and have the emails. Thanks


PAJNSTL said...

That's a good idea!

Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Hi. At first I was confused, I thought you had used a program called Blog Binder! There are lots of programs that convert blogs to print and bind them and I thought I was on top of them all. Evidently, though, it was a false alarm. Am I to understand that you simply queued some sort of file to your printer? I'd love to know the details. (I have a blog about blooks)