Monday, June 25, 2007

Garter Stitch, not so much

Okay, I have been determined to get my Elizabeth Zimmermann groove on since January. I was supposed to make the February Baby Sweater, but no, I plunged into three sock Knit Alongs instead. The structure, concept and result of the EZ BSJ is amazing - really ingenious. But the GARTER stitch, not so much.

I am dying to get back to my Monkey Sock. Not only that, I now have cast on fever for several textured and lace socks my co-knitters in Ebony Elite and the 52 Pair Plunge are knitting. I even located and printed the Jigsaw Sock pattern for Dharmafey's knit along; pretty nice eh?! I have every blue yarn I could find in the Loopy Ewe and Knit Picks. I even got the Lorna's Laces Devon that (Virtuousoops) Shawn got me sprung on. I may start the Jigsaws without Dharmafey; cast those bad boys on tonight.

I will finish my second Regia Self Striping sock tonight. I have to cast on my second Lemongrass Moc Croc - having a bit of a needle cable issue there, not to worry I ordered more needles :) Irie mentioned that she likes to knit her socks on 1's and I was thinking, chea yeah okay. Then when I was about to finish my first Moc Croc and wanted to cast on the second sock I discovered that I was working on 2's. The problem with my 2's was that they had different length cables. I bought 24" and it was too short for magic loop so I bought 32" size 2. The magic loop was not flowing for the Moc Croc sock however, so I ended up finishing them on mismatched cable lengths which is just weird.

When I finally got around to casting on my second Lace Anklet, and got those needles back out I discovered they were 1's. So there, I can handle those teensy little needles better than I gave myself credit for. Granted my 0's are still safely stored in plastic :P I am not even looking for a pattern that calls for 0's.

I almost always knit two unmatched socks at once on circulars, size 3 circulars, and I always try to cast on the second sock(s) of a pair when I turn the heel of the first sock(s). The leg and foot take no time to knit. But I just did not have enough size 1 and 2 needles to get it done with the Croc and Lace socks. * * Bordering on second sock syndrome * * So I ordered more needles so I won't have to go through this again. I will be able to cast on the second sock(s), which is so important for me to be able keep up my momentum.


Dharmafey said...

Bev, you are so funny! I don't think I mean to start a KAL, just a fad! Oh well, guess I'd better start that ;) I too petered on the BSJ--plus it's a small cotton project--too precious summer knitting to waste before it gets hot and I can't handle wool.

Adrienne said...

Tee hee! LOL I just saw brooklyn tweeds BSJ and its BEAUTIFUL! I know yours will be too!!!! This is on my list as well!!!

Virtuous said...

Are you speaking about me on the LL yarn??? If so, girl how I end up doing that?? I have yet to own my own LL yarn :o(

"I almost always knit two unmatched socks at once on circulars, size 3 circulars"


So glad you bought some more needles! LOL Did you do Knit Picks?

carrie said...

if you are bored with garter stitch, you should start the february baby sweater. the lace pattern is so adorable and easy but interesting! i can't recommend it enough.

Bev Love said...

Carrie (Dharmafey) - KAL or fad, either way I am with you. It's a great pattern.

Virtuous - my bad, that was Shawn that posted the Monkey socks in Devon. Yes, I am a dedicated Knit Picks circular needle user. They fly!

Carrie - the Feb Sweater has been in my queue since January. I will get to it after the Lime & Violet Sock Marathon ends July 15th.

Adrienne - I cannot wait to see what yarns and colors you use. It is so fun to play around with the striping.