Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

It took Mom 16 minutes to get from the car into the house. YaY! She's home. She is pleased with the layout of her room and all her new equipment. She has had a good meal and is taking a nap. I will check on her in a few minutes. She has to do two more rounds of exercises and one more round of meds then she can get some rest. She looks great too, her eyes are clear and there are no pain wrinkles in her forehead. My Sister went home to her babies, and to get some much needed rest. I am actually listening to podcasts (from more than a week ago - glad you like your socks Carrie!!) and getting a little knitting done. I gave her a bell to ring when she needs something. I was going to sit downstairs and knit but I could see she thought she needed to keep up her end of the conversation, instead of going to sleep and resting. So the boy dog and I came upstairs. He's still being a little standoffish because Granny all of sudden has more legs than him, and wheels too. The walker scares him a bit. He should be used to it in a day or two.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, we feel you!!!!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

So glad she is home and pleased! I know you will take very good care of her!

toya said...

that is wonderful news bev, I am so happy your mom is home and everything went okay