Friday, April 27, 2007

Her first steps

Mom is up and about. She is able to walk down the hall from her room now. Tomorrow I take lessons on the exercises I will help her with for physical therapy. Her hospital bed arrived this evening and is all set up in the family room downstairs. She is doing so well her doctor is releasing her on Sunday instead of Monday. The coffee my BIL took her today may have had a little to do with it too - bless him. Indy will be very glad to see her, he did not eat Wed or Thursday morning. He misses her. We also moved the furniture around in the family room and he cannot watch television from the couch, which really confounds him. I took him to the groomer today, so he has his summer cut and will not be shedding all over the place.

I actually got a little knitting in while doing laundry. I turned the heels on two socks and may actually get to start the toe decreases tomorrow night. My BMFA STR Rockin Sock Club package arrived. I really like the short version of the pattern - I don't wear knee highs. Very interesting yarn. I also got a new toy - from Europe. That's all I will say for now. Monday things should be settling in and our new routine will be in place. The new stove is being delivered Tuesday. The old one pooped out the week before Easter. We had no cake for Easter, a first in this family I can tell you. My sister is baking a cake and meat loaf for us and bringing it over tomorrow.

So I should be able to get some photos and make some progress on my knitting. I really thought I was going to have more time to knit, not less. Just too much to do. Next week should bring some stability and normalcy.

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Redford Phyl said...

Terrific news! Things will get easier when you don't have to run back and forth to the hospital. Still thinking good thoughts for a fast recovery and rehab.