Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Notions

I discovered some really neat tools at Patternworks under the Notions tab. They offer the Crochet Lite Hooks, I ordered one in my favorite size for making afghans, size "J". Love IT!!!

I have always loved my bamboo cable needles so when I saw the bamboo marking pins and tapestry/darning needles I promptly dropped them in my cart.

The White Bamboo Blunt Needles are on backorder; more about them after I try them out. I used the Bamboo Marking Pins to mark my button holes and button placements on the VYB sweater. They are perfect for bulky or worsted weight yarns.

The Pony Wool Needles I bought have a looped end instead of an eye; I found that to be pretty intriguing. I used the Pony needles last night to run my safety lines in my vest and jacket. There is no comparison, they surpass all of my other yarn needles. They are made of an extremely hard, smooth plastic that sounds and feels like a metal. They are slick and slide smoothly along through stitches. The loop at the end is a clear nylon cable which is stiff enough to thread easily, but also flexible enough to flatten out to fit through small spaces. Excellent needles, I highly recommend them. I cannot wait to try them for seaming.

Great new toys, I mean tools, out there. Go shop !! :D



Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

ohh, neato stuff!!!

Beth C said...

The Pony Wool Needles are my absolute favorites! Not many people have discovered them yet, but I use them for everything yarn-related these days. :)

Bev Love said...

I do all of my i-cord on my pony dpns. The plastic surface lets the stitches glide easily and they are so light weight.