Friday, April 06, 2007

The Masters!!

What do you think that green jacket would look like knit in a moss stitch?? I love the Masters Golf Tournament. It occasionally causes me to drop a stitch or two when a putt that should have dropped misses the hole by an inch or two. Nerve wracking, competitive, scenic course and usually a little (often more than a little) player drama.

Can Philly Phil defend his title?

Can Tiger pull a bunny rabbit out of the hat?

I will be working on some stockinette something or other and following it all very closely.

The Leaderboard:

The course is playing particularly tough, it looks like the cut is going to be around +8 this year.

Check out the 12 th hole. You are way on the other side of the bridge aiming for a little flag. You gotta avoid the bunkers (sandy spots), the water between you and the flag, and you don't want to end up in the pines behind the green. What fun!!!! But hey, it is a $7,000,000 tournament.


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