Monday, April 09, 2007

The Recap

The Masters, what can I say? There’s a bunch of guys being paid a bunch of money to tell you what was wrong but here’s my two cents. There was something missing from this years Masters Tournament. The course was overly complicated given the fact that no moisture had touched it in days. The pin placement was unrealistic for the conditions the first two days. The wind was horrendous and the temperature was frigid. All that said, what was missing most was fun and excitement. Because the course played so badly the gallery was taken out of the picture. They rarely had anything to cheer about. The champion Zach Johnson is virtually unknown. So many of the major players missed the cut that the field was missing many of the fan favorites. Sergio Garcia is always good for a laugh. Ernie Els is a play maker. The fan favorites that were playing were struggling so badly that their fans were moaning or silent most of the time. I hope mother nature gives them better weather next year and the course architects go back to previous layouts.

I finished two socks and started another, there was nothing else to do – watching the players was just too boring most of the time.

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