Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Need to Knit I Need to Crochet

Must Knit Faster Must Crochet Faster.
Do you ever have the feeling that you are behind in your projects and must knit or crochet faster or you will never complete anything? No, I am sure you don't. After a long e-mail chat with Adrienne of the famous Inspirational Wednesday Podcast, I have come to the conclusion that I am a process knitter/crocheter. I am bi-craftual by the way!! I love finishing a project - of course. But what I really love is knitting or crocheting each stitch and watching the fabric grow. A benefit of that is I see any errors pretty quickly because I am always spreading out and enjoying the fabric as it develops. I am definitely not a product knitter. Half the time I don't know who the intended victim recipient of my creations will be. I change my mind often before the Christmas tags go on the bags!!! And what in the world am I going to do with 52 pairs of socks?? I just like to knit socks. That is why yarns like Socks That Rock and Fearless Fibers are my favorites. I enjoy watching the striping, pooling and self-patterning develop as I knit. I almost don't want the striping to match when I knit KnitPicks Memories yarns, because I want to see the full potential of the yarn. The pudding is in the process for me. I read about knitting & crocheting, I watch DVDs and videos about knitting & crocheting, I watch TV shows about knitting & crocheting, I go to conferences and take classes on new techniques. I read blogs and listen to podcasts about knitting and crocheting. I love the process, mine and everyone elses.

Yes I must knit and crochet, but nope, I don't need to knit and crochet faster. Slow down and enjoy the stitches.

As Knitty D says - it's not a competition.

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