Thursday, February 01, 2007

Less Than Half

My idea of shopping at home is working more for the yarn than for the books. I did buy my current read from my bookshelf but the listing of finished books on has turned out not to be viable. Books that are in Like New Condition which originally cost $6.99 and $7.99 are being listed for .75 cents. It is not worth the packaging and shipping to sell an almost new novel for that amount. So I am bringing the books in to work and putting them in the basket in the breakroom. I am sure they will go to a good home. I had yarn issues last night which cut way into my knitting time. I am finishing my last gusset decrease on my STR sock, but I did not get to touch my Columbine Peak sock last night.


Joni said...

have you looked into ? my husband has started to use that site, and it's great. I'm usually skeptical of the whole books online thing (I agree it's not worth it to sell them) but this, I could get into. :)

Bev Love said...

I had not heard about that. I will check it out. I use primarily because of their quality control. I bought some books from E-bay once and they were too horrible to read. I have never had that problem with books purchased from