Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crochet Cast is back - Awesome

I was thrilled to see a new episode of Crochet Cast download to iTunes when I logged in. Jeanie is one of my favorite fiber enthusiast and she inspired me to try felting. She has a new co-hostess, Cheryl, and a new format. It is awesome. I really missed the Crochet podcast so it was a real treat to listen to it this morning. I love that neither of them are yarn snobs, so you can really get useful information on yarn substitutions. Also, being a long time crocheter and relatively new to knitting, I too want to explore more crocheted garments with some of these fabulous wool yarns. I will continue to use my Red Heart Super Saver for afghans, because everyone loves them, the color selection is endless, you cannot beat the price, and even my Sister's dogs (lab and german pointer) cannot tear them up. But I was so disappointed in the crocheted sweater I made. The yarn was beautiful and the single crochet ribbing and front post double crochet stitch created a beautiful texture. But the sweater is so bulky and unflattering that I have only worn it a couple of times. I am ready to experiment with some crocheted apparel and fine quality wool yarns. I think Crochet Cast will be a great resource along the way. WELCOME BACK!!!!

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