Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vogue Wrap

I am on the last colorway of the Heavyweight Socks That Rock Charlotte's Web shawl. I ran out of color 4, so I am sure I will have to delete at least 2 repeats in color 5. I anticipate a 202 row shawl instead of the 218 row shawl in the lighter weight yarns.

My next big project:
VOGUEknitting International Winter 2009/10 Page 71
8 complimentary colors of Merino Mia by Prism Yarns
Designer: Laura Bryant
Errata on the website - corrected chart
Original pattern colors:
(a) Terra Cotta
(b) Tumbleweed
(c) Thunderclap
(d) Nevada
(e) Senegal
(f) Woodlands
(g) Embers
(h) Smoke

I am replacing Embers and Terra Cotta with Alpine and Brass
I don't like the brightness of Embers and Terra Cotta. I want warmer muted colors for the whole wrap. I saw a finished wrap at Gail Knits and it was gorgeous. I think she switched some colors as well. I bought the yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool and The Loopy Ewe. I think I will cast on tonight, 97 stitches - wow. But that won't seem like such a long row after knitting these 400+ stitch rows on the Charlotte's Web. I am also itching to cast on some socks - I think I will do that after lunch.

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cici said...

anyway you look at it.. I know it's going to be fabulous♥