Monday, March 01, 2010

My Torch Went Out Early

Well I must confess that as far as the knitting Olympics went my torch went out early. I stopped knitting on the Glenesk Wed or Thursday and worked on my Zauberball Clapotis. I want to use the Clap during my vacation next week so I am trying to finish it. I never really got into the Olympics or the sweater, so it became a chore. Not fun. I knit for enjoyment. So I am going to pack up the sweater and take it on my vacation. I need to wind up the rest of the yarn so I have all of the colors with me. I still have about 40 rows left to knit on the body. Then I will be ready to knit the sleeves. I have a couple of button options, but I will wait until all of the knitting is done before making a decision. Luckily we are driving so I can take as much as I want to knit on. I may just take all of my WIPs and work on whatever takes my fancy. Nah, I better not. Too much of a good thing.

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