Monday, March 29, 2010

#28 Lace Wrap

What a name, #28 Lace Wrap from Vogue Knitting. The lace wrap is coming along, I am almost finished knitting colorway #3 on the long rectangle. The piece is made up of two rectangles (1) with 3 repeats in each of 8 colors and (1) with 2 repeats in each of 8 colors. Then you block it and sew it together. It is an easy pattern. I know to check myself after rows 4 and 6 because that is where I forget an occasional yarn over. This is the perfect TV knitting, too bad there is nothing on TV!! I bought the Canadian series THE BORDER, hoping to find another Intelligence. NOT. The acting is luke warm at best, and there are some really stupid people in it. Weak character and mediocre acting. Unfortunately it was not available from Netflix so I had to buy it from Amazon Canada to find this out. OH Well!!!

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cici said...

you are such a fast knitter♥ I am just getting caught up on some tv-series. I have yet to see Intelligence. I have Netflix now so I have plenty to keep me busy♥