Sunday, February 21, 2010

Light Bulb

As often happens when I am listening to the Knit Picks Podcast I had a light bulb come on. A change of perspective if you will. Unfinished Objects are the best cure there is for Startitis. Think about it, you get to START knitting on a project that is already 30, 40, sometimes 70 percent complete. Many of them are so old you have to re-read the pattern - which you usually do when starting a project. Make sure you are making increases, decreases, color changes etc. all in the same places. Most UFOs become unfamiliar to us because we have knit so many other projects since we last picked them up. It is virtually like starting a NEW project, with the benefit of a head start. You will obviously finish the object faster than you would if you were starting from scratch at cast on. I will be the first to admit that casting on is my least favorite part of any project. So hey, why bother when I can start knitting a shawl that has two completed charts already???

It is reassuring to know that this Starmore sweater I am knitting will have a completed body in just 43 rows versus 196 rows. I had to re-read the pattern, set my charts and magnets up again and count stitches. It was like starting a brand new sweater that only needs shoulders and sleeves before it can be worn.

I think a few more projects will be coming out hibernation before I cast on any more new objects.


PenCraft said...

I can't wait to see Glenesk! Loved the photos of the shawl, scarf and yarn. Those Theseus and Minotaur socks look seriously challenging!

Nik said...

I long to complete a Starmore pattern. I have a couple from the classic book "Aran Knitting" that i want to make. I want it to be special, so, I want to use the exact yarn that she uses. I have to make sure it's still available first. And that it's not super expensive.

cici said...

wow only 43 rows... I am sure you will be done and looking for more to complete. Good Luck♥