Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Switching to Swatching!

OMG - the light bulb just finally came on. I listened to the Knit Picks Podcast Episode 123 just now and it was life altering. I have started - and knit quite a bit - with the Luscious Single Silk yarn, photos below. Neither project was a keeper. Although instead of frogging all of that Feather and Fan, I am going to sew on a button and crochet a button hole and make it a neck warmer. If only I had SWATCHED that yarn befor starting either project, I would have saved so much valuable knitting time. What was suggested by the designers is to not only swatch for Gauge, but also to see what the pattern will look like and how it will drap, etc. The problem with the first project - the eyelets were too big and airy. I wanted a warm cowl, no holes to let in the cold wind. The second pattern came out with some odd color pooling. If I had knit about six inches of both those patterns I would have saved myself hours of knitting - and frogging. Another great tip from Knit Picks. I will be knitting two swatches from now on, one for the gauge given in the pattern and another for a part of the finished project to see if I like the fabric.

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