Friday, December 11, 2009

Fiasco Supreme

I had a total fiasco last night on the Multnomah Shawl. Keep in mind I am on the feather and fan section, almost 400 stitches per row. What happened was, I went to slide the stitches on the right needle further up the needle/cable and they CAUGHT. The needle came out of a section of knitting and because the Socks That Rock yarn is slippery the stitches just popped out - running down the shawl for a few rows. I quickly grabbed my point protectors and stopped any further escapees. Then I grabbed a dpn and snagged all of the stitches I could see. Then I set the whole thing down and took a break. When the next commercial break came up in the Mentalist I pulled the lamp to the edge of the desk and took my glasses off. I am knitting this in Lenore which is black over dyed with burgundy. I discovered two more stitches that had fallen down. OKAY. I took a deep breath and tried to figure out how to determine which row the last saved stitch was on. I had to do this one at a time. The only saving grace was that I was in the K2Tog section of the feather and fan pattern, not the YO K1 section. It took about 30 minutes to get the section re-knit and I know at least one K2Tog is now an SSK, but I finished the row and put the whole thing away and went to bed.

What caused this fiasco more than anything else is the fact that the 337 stitch version needs to be knit on a longer cable than the original version. I just logged off of Knit Picks - I ordered both a 40" and a 47" 3.25 mm harmony needle. I love knitting shawls and I always need to knit the largest version. I have enjoyed this pattern so much I plan to knit a Stockinette version. I will need the longer cable for sure!!!!

So that's my tale of woe. I look forward to getting back to this project - as soon as my new needle arrives!!!


Lauren Ashley said...

Those moments are the most terrible! How terrifying to think you might have ruined your work. I hope you pulled through.

I really like your blog- you have a lovely layout.

Bev Love said...

Thank you Lauren,
I managed to catch the dropped stitches.