Monday, February 02, 2009

Sipalu Swatch Practice #3

Practice #3
I have developed a way to easily wrap the non-working color when it is not used for 4-5 stitches. I bring the yarn to the front, as if to purl, knit the stitch in the color being worked, then move the non-working yarn back to the back of the work. This catches and wraps the non-working yarn at the back of the stitch just worked. The chart I am currently working on had a span of 9 stitches in one color, so there would have been a large loop of yarn at the back if the non-working yarn was not wrapped in some way. In previous color stranded projects I would stop the work twist the yarns then continue knitting. This method allows me to continue knitting without stopping the work and re-situating the yarns.

Pitfall #4
I need a longer cable, the pattern called for 16-32 inch circulars. I am using 24 inch and the work is too bunched up. I don't have a US 2/3.00 mm circular though - gee guess I have to go shopping on Knit Picks again 8-] (at least I have satisfied my restriction about not buying any new needles or hooks until I freed at least two from pending projects.)

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CiCi and CAJtalk said...

There is always a reason to go shopping on Knit Picks.. You have been nominated for Kreativ Blogger Award,, see my blog for details 8)