Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another Long Weekend

My first stay-cation this year allowed me to get a lot of knitting and crocheting done. I watched three of my TV series on DVD while working on my projects: The 2008 Idatarod Discovery Channel series, 24 Seasons 4-6, and Bones Seasons 1-2. I still have Season 3 to watch.

My Sipalu bag has required some new skills. At the top is the welting which is like making I-cord in the middle of a piece of knitting. The alternate color palette I am working on does not have enough contrast to make the side panel pattern stand out. But the rest of the bag should be more distinct in the pattern areas. I am looking forward to seeing what develops.

The Candle Flame Scarf is looking great in this Wollmeise. I cannot wait to finish this scarf. My yarn ball is shrinking so I will be done soon.

I did a couple of pattern repeats on the Leafling Socks. I am not sure if they are going to get finished any time soon. I can't work up any enthusiam about them.

I am almost finished with the ribbed scarf. I ended up giving the hat to my Mom, but I will make myself one in wool.

I thought I would give Amigurumi a try. I did not enjoy it. Too much sewing and finishing. Not enough bang for the buck - it takes too long to make one. I will stick to wearables and warmth providers when it comes to crochet.

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