Saturday, January 03, 2009

Status of My Restrictions

The terms of my restriction - and public declaration should shame me into sticking to it -

(1) no more yarn until I knit up all skeins of a colorway [DONE= TLC Brownberry and Tudor Homespun]

(2) no more patterns until I complete a project using a pattern I have never knit or crocheted before [DONE= Magnolia Afghan and Posh Pooches Doggy Sweater, Miniature sweater, vest, mitten and stocking ornaments] (only exception is downloading the weekly clues for the two Mystery Kals I purchased - see I already own them, so they are not technically new ;P)

(3) no more needles or hooks until I free two circulars, and 2 crochet hooks from works in progress [DONE= finished socks, sweater, scarf and ornaments]

(4) no more books until I read a knitting or crochet book all the way through, AND make the pattern(s) I bought the book for - wow that's a big one for me, I love me some books

(5) no more casting on until I finish all of the WIPS currently in the sidebar of this blog - whew, I am starting to sweat. [Finished two projects from the sidebar, but cheated and casted on the ornaments, doggy sweater and a scarf for my Sister.]

1 comment:

cici said...

Sounds like you are on top of it already. Good Job! Happy Knitting!