Monday, January 19, 2009

So Easily Distracted

I was looking for a copy of the Alice Starmore video I taped. I am preparing to start one of my color stranded projects and I wanted to review the part of the video where she shows how to carry the yarn and keep the work and tension even. I came across some tapes that were unmarked.

What is that you ask. That odd bit of knitting is a hat swatch. One of the tapes was of Carol Duvall's HGTV show and it was an episode on which she knitted a very simple garter stitch hat. I put everything aside and cast on immediately. The shorter section is an attempt on size US 8 needles, which the yarn label suggested. The fabric was a bit tight and the number of cast on stitches would have yielded a child sized hat. So I cast on an additional 10 stitches and went up to a size US 10 needle. Voila!! After a few hours of knitting I have a hat. Actually it is for my Sister, to go with the scarf I made her for Christmas.

Once I was done with that little diversion I finally blocked my finished Forest Canopy Shawl in Wollmeise. I also cast on a Dimple Shale Scarf in my most favorite yarn, Karabella Aurora 8. Super soft yarn with amazing stitch definition. Another digression, but I really want a Dimple Shale Scarf for myself, I need a black scarf, I have a ton of this yarn, and I love it.

I also crocheted 4 of the 6 skeins of Tudor Homespun that came. I have completed the border on all but the bottom section. I will crochet 4 more rows and save the last skein to finish off the border. The Magnolia Afghan is nice and big now, it completely covers the top of my queen sized bed. It is really heavy and my wrists hurt a bit from turning it as I worked the border, which is why I did not finish off the afghan this weekend. I had to switch to knitting for a bit. Glad I found that super easy hat pattern! I will make a black one for me, to go with my new black scarf.

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cici said...

I thought I was the only one who did that. I can get so ditracted, as you wouldn't believe. Right in the middle of a project just have to start something else hahha. Sounds like you have gotten a lot of knitting done lately. I have been off for a few days and haven't gotten hardly any knitting in. I think I have to shut off the computer and the phone and just sit and knit.
Karabella aurora 8 is one of my favorites as well. The stitch difintion that it gives is great. I like how you go back and forth from crochet to knit. I need to do that more as crochet is my first love.