Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bigger is Better

10 Skeins of LB Homespun Tudor
K - 10.5 Crochet Hook

I finished the last row of the Lion Brand Homespun Magnolia Afghan in Tudor last night. I was extremely disappointed in the size. I logged right on and ordered another 6 skeins of Tudor yarn. Thankfully still has the yarn on sale for $4.49 per skein. It takes one skein to crochet 10 rows on the bottom half of the afghan. I want the bottom portion to be twice a long as it is right now. The original pattern only called for 7 skeins of yarn and I have already used 9 skeins. I intentionally ordered 3 extra skeins because I wanted a longer afghan. But it still is not BIG enough. I like my body and bed both to be covered by the afghan. I will finish using the last skein and 4 of the ones I ordered to complete the body, then use the last 2 skeins for the single crochet border. I hope to get 3 full rounds of border out of 2 skeins. The 2 row border in the original pattern is a little skimpier than I like. I have other homespun in the stash, which I may add as an additional border.
I am going to try to finish and block the Wollmeise Forest Canopy Shawl today. I have satisfied one of my "restrictions". I have knit up all of a yarn colorway and I can buy more yarn, but other than the homespun needed to finish my project I don't plan to buy any. I have the Winter Year of Lace 2008 kit on its way. There are two more Wollmeise sock club kits in my future. I did not join any yarn-pattern kit clubs for 2009. I did join the Mystic Star Mystery Shawl KAL which starts January 26, 2009. I cannot resist those, the shawls are absolutely wonderful. I still need to finish my Mystic Waters shawls. I look forward to knitting the entire Mystic series, but for now I am just making sure I have all of the patterns and access to all of the KAL groups. I also took advantage of Sharon Winsauer's 2/1 pattern sale on etsy.


cici said...

Magnolia Afghan is gorgeous! I hope to find me some Wollmeise in 2009

Audrey said...

Hi. I have been eyeing this pattern for some time. I have a king size big did your afghan end up being? We live in AZ and I am thinking of crocheting this in a cotton yarn so we could use it year round. I am just trying to gauge how much yarn I will need.

Your project turned out beautiful! I hope you are enjoying it.