Monday, January 26, 2009


It's Monday, and it feels like MONDAY. This weekend I finished the book I was reading, and I have maybe enough yarn for one more row on my Magnolia Afghan before it too is finished. Again I had to put it down, the weight was really bothering my wrists and right hand. So close, and yet so far. I should be able to finish off the last skein tonight. Two of my pics are being used in Ravelry on the main pattern pages for the Magnolia Afghan Pattern and the Carol Duvall Short Row hat.

I made the hat for my Sis. The hat had its' debut this weekend and she loves it. She would like one in black now. Of course I am going to make her one - spoiled?!? Just a bit. I am going to make a black one for me too. I am looking forward to getting back to my knitting. The temperatures are back down in the low 30s again, so I am also glad that my afghan can be put into service.

My Forest Canopy shawl came off the blocking boards, I love it. I still don't know what I am going to do with the left over yarn. I plan to frog something. Yep, I am going to frog the bookworm vest. I was never in love with the yarn. I could not find the yarn called for in the pattern and had to find a substitute. I never really liked it. Now Knit Picks has the perfect tweed yarn in black. But Do I Want To Start All Over. Just the thought of casting on 325 some odd stitches again is really turning me off. I think I will just continue with my other projects. Maybe some day I will go back to the Folk Vests book and die to have that vest again - maybe.

I have been told by several chess players that I would be good at the game. Many have offered to teach me and I have flirted with the idea of purchasing one of the electronic versions and teach myself. My little mind meandered down this path again last week. I read the Magic Circle and The Eight by Katherine Neville, and now I have the latest book in the series The Fire. The character Lily Rand has a baby blue Corniche. Okay, that is probably what first interested me in learning chess. Illogically thinking if I were a chess master like Miss Lily maybe I could finally buy that Corniche. So I looked around Amazon and Barnes and Noble at the how-to and instructional chess books again last week. I ended up buying The Chess Machine by Robert Lohr instead. Really, I don't need any more hobbies that will take away more of my crafting time!

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