Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just printed our boarding passes. My Cousin Deb is here to house sit. My Indy has gone to stay with my Sister and keep her solo doggie company. So we are ready to sail. I am so excited. I keep trying to remember my last vacation. I can't. This year my vacation time has been spent recovering from surgery. Last year my vacation was spent caring for my Mother after her surgery. The family reunion in Las Vegas was a ton of work, from the registration day through the end of the banquet. I always take as many classes and sessions as I can at the conferences I attend. So I have not had a vacation on which I did not have to do anything but enjoy myself in over two years. Sad sad sad.

Working my life away. I get up at 4:50 am in the morning and get home at 6:30 pm every night. I have a few short hours to enjoy my roomie's, television, podcasts, knitting, books and movies. I do have an excellent yarn collection however. And - if I ever get to thoroughly read all of my knitting and crochet books I will be the most prolific needlecrafter in my little world.

Next year I must make more time for me. I want to take at least two weeks of my vacation to stay home and read and knit and just do nothing.

Adios navego mañana a Suramérica.

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cici said...

sounds like the perfect vacation, Stay home and knit and do whatever you like without leaving the house. I must do it one of these days. Enjoy your trip, sounds well deserved.