Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Still Here - Still Knitting

I turned the heel of the second Koigu sock and started on the foot. I had a bad headache though and went to bed quite early. I am excited about my Austermann Step yarn. I need to pamper my feet and I was able to try this yarn with my Loopy Groupie $25 gift bonus. I am saving the yarn for my cruise sock project. It only takes one skein for a pair of socks. I did my WIP review and I only frogged one project. I love my projects and the yarn I am using. I will keep going on all of them until they are done.

I finished my Smores socks and will finish the Koigu socks tonight. I need to get through a couple more pages of the Crochet Portrait pattern. My Hollerstaud'n Forest Canopy shawl is almost finished, I have completed 10 pattern repeats, and because of the size needle and sock yarn weight it is already large.

Since I was taking stock I sorted out my patterns too. I bought some inexpensive folders at Target during the back to school sale. I made sure I had printed copies of all of my Mystery Knit Along hints and clues. I archived the digital patterns off onto disks. What I discovered is that there are some designers I am a big fan of: Monika Eckert, Anna Davi, Renee Leverington, Susan Lawrence, Melanie Gibbons and Miriam Felton. I have several patterns written by each of them. My favorite KAL designer is the Nautical Knitter - I love the way she structures her hints, prizes, interactions. There is so much to learn in Knit Alongs and the patterns are wonderful. I have on occasion cast on more than I could knit, and been unable to finish a KAL because I have not achieved the level of skills needed to succeed. But each lace project I complete gets me closer to being able to knit those patterns. There still Be a Sharon Winsauer Dragone in my future!!

Then there are the designers I love that scare me to death. I have many many Cookie A socks in my future, when I get up the nerve to cable without a needle. My Alice & Jade Starmore Glenesk Sweater Kit when I feel confident enough to cut a steek in my knitting. And of course the previously mentioned Sharan Winsauer's Heere Be Dragone, Estonian Potpourri and Flight of Fantasy patterns in lace.

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