Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday

THANK GOODNESS!!!! One more good nights sleep and I should be able to pick up the needles again. I did work a few rows of the leg of my second Koigu sock and took pictures of the 100purewool yarns, but I have not wanted to turn on the laptop all week. Just barely making it through the days here at work.

My niece-dog Lexie had to be put to sleep Monday, very tough to let her go. She had cancer and was beginning to suffer. We could not allow her to be in pain so we said goodbye to her. My pup is acting very strange this week, he has made friends with a squirrel and spends a lot of time in the yard. But he has been more clingy than usual. He sits on my feet, and gets under my desk. Very odd behavior.

Counting down to our cruise, I have new luggage, locks and shoes. I am READY!!! Choosing a knitting project is going to be the only problem. With all of the new airline charges for luggage I am trying to travel light so I will have to choose a small project that does not require too many tools. I could start a new pair of socks, but socks don't take 2 weeks to knit. I need something a little bigger. I was thinking about designing a shawl and only taking Swatch amounts of yarn and my Harmony interchangeable needles. Then I could play around with stitch patterns and needle sizes and still feel like I am knitting. Yeah, that might be the way to go. I can chart the stitch patterns I want to try, then play around with placement and edgings. Maybe knit a miniature version as a swatch.

I am behind on my Podcasts and Ravelry Forums again. I think I will do a WIP review this weekend, while I listen to podcasts. Lay everything out on my blocking boards and see if there is anything that needs to be frogged and what can be finished within a reasonable amount of time. I have only one deadline project, the Crochet by Numbers portrait. That must be done by Christmas. Other than that everything else is pleasure knitting/crocheting, or for me. My scarves are moving up in priority because it is getting windy and cold in San Francisco. I need the warmth and protection. I also want a really big afghan for upstairs. I am probably going to make some crazy freeform afghan with the 100purewool since the colors won't work for my intended projects - more on that when I post the pictures. But it is lightweight and it will be lap sized. I will probably use it in the van or at work. Another incentive to finish the Crochet Portrait - the leftover yarns will make a beautiful afghan.

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cici said...

I am happy the week is finally over too! You sound so organized. I have a friend that has to put a dog down also. I have been so sad about it. I tried to help her, but when someone makes up their mind what else can you do. It's her decision. A two week cruise,, sounds so good.
It doesn't take long to get behind, I am there with ya. I am hoping to catch up this weekend.