Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh My - It's MONDAY

Well what has the world come to? We had a mad bomber in our building today. Yes if you heard on the news about the office building in the SF Financial District being evacuated because of a bomb threat - that was us. Some man who wanted desperately to be on the Price Is Right decided to sue them for not letting him play. The firm he tried to hire would not take his case so he comes in today threatening to blow up the 30th floor of our building where said firm is located. NUTS.

Then at the same time there is a double shooting at the BART station in Hayward so the trains are bypassing the station. This is my Sister's BART station. So while I was being held captive in my office building by SWAT teams her car was being held captive in the BART Station because it is now a crime scene. BIZARRE.

Thank goodness my Mother is on a bus in Sonoma County somewhere and cannot see the news.

Our building has been cleared, and hopefully by the time my sister leaves work her car will also be free.

See why I like Fridays better!!!!

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