Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Busy

I had a busy weekend!! I did laundry, being sick for two weeks is not good for the chores. I had furniture to rearrange in the guest room and some yarn bins had to be relocated. I moved my chaise lounge back into the master bedroom. During all of this I managed to select the clothes for my trip, febreeze the new luggage smell from my bags, pack my knitting projects and supplies, and catch up on all of my podcasts. I am now loading a few audiobooks onto my laptop. I need to download a few games and my Rosetta Stone needs to be installed on the laptop I am taking with me. I am excited about having a webcam to record video in the cabin and at each port. I will have a vlog, since I won't be blogging. We tentatively have wifi onboard, but I will have to wait and see if it's convenient or if I will just vlog and then write up blog posts after I get home.

It is getting very cold here, 46 degrees in SF this morning. I am looking forward to the warm temperatures in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Even Florida, for the brief time we will be there. I am sure the work week will go quickly, I have lots of meetings and writing to do. Yay!! It should fly by.

I finished my Koigu socks. I am happy to be off of the size 1 needles. Mystic ICE KAL will be starting soon after I get back from vacation. I want to actually knit along for a change. I have so many projects to work on, but I like knitting the hints with everyone else.

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cici said...

sounds busy,, but fun. I noticed that you have only 9 more socks to complete your 52 plunge, that's awesome. I would love to have 52 handmade socks. Maybe I will try that next year. Sounds like quite a challenge. Have a great trip.