Thursday, October 04, 2007


I was planning to blog tonight about the conference and post some fashion show pictures, but I could not wait to post this. THE Doris Chan just sent me a message in Ravelry. I am floored, because I am such a huge fan of hers. Sqquuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! [Note: the book cover is her avatar.] I tell you, going to these conferences is a huge networking opportunity and you get to meet some truly amazing and inspiring folks.


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Hey paletpc,
I am not sure if "sassiest" is the word I would have used! I might have had the most fun out of all the models, tho. :D
There were two fashion shows. The one on Friday in the market was for vendors' samples, so we had to be on our best professional behavior. Not a lot of crochet. All the things I modeled were knitted! I loved the denim-y "Route 66" jacket and Lisa Gentry's berry-colored wrapped top in Moda Dea yarn. The show on Saturday night was more fun because it included attendee fashions. That's when I got to twirl around in my hemp skirt and goof around.
I totally understand that Oakland was a regional event for CGOA and did not expect as many crocheters as there are at the summer national Chain Link event. But many of us were there and made ourselves heard, particularly at the bar. But that's why we insist "what happens in Oakland, stays in Oakland"!

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