Tuesday, October 02, 2007

B&N Booklist Sale

Barnes and Noble had a really nice sale. Books 50% off for non-members and 60% off for members. I bought the four books on my wishlist and several more. I looked at all of these books in the store. I did not feel the amount of content that interested me was worth the price. For instance there were just one or two patterns I would knit or crochet. Or the information repeated another source I already had, adding just a few new techniques. But at 60% off they all became a good value. If any of them turn out to be something I will never read or use I will sell them on Half.com. Without further ado ~ my latest library additions:

Socks Two on the go!
Crocheted Shawls on the go!
Very Easy Knits
The Best of Vogue Knitting 25 Years

The Big Book if Knitting by Katherina Buss

From Knit to Crochet by The Needlecraft Shop

Knitting in The Round by Jeanne Stauffer

Never Too Old to Knit by Karin Strom

The Knitter's Handbook by Eleanor Van Zandt

Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair by Crazy Aunt Purl aka Laurie Perry

Knitspiration: an inspirational journal for knitters by ME as I work my projects from now on

Books from other sources that have joined my collection.

Mosaic Knitting by Barbara Walker

The Gossamer Webs Design Collection by Galina Khmeleva

Next Two Steps: Create Your Own Pullover by Patons

Next Three Steps: Create Your Own Cardigan by Patons

The Crocheter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements by Ann Budd

The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements by Ann Budd

Freebie Reading Materials and Patterns from the Conference:

Crochet! Magazine November 2007,
my subscription issue came yesterday so now I have two. I can tear one up now instead of photocopying patterns and/or articles.

Crochet Today! Sept/Oct '07

Cast On May - July 2007
extra copy for tearing apart

Crochet Today! July/Aug '07

Moda Dea
Easy Knit & Crochet Scarves - and one ball of Washable Wool in True Red
Knit Shoulder Wrap - and one ball of Fashionista in Cornsilk
Crochet Belted Jacket - and one ball of Tweedle Dee in Surf & Turf

Red Heart
Crochet Ripple Scarf - and one ball of Easy Tweed in Persimmon
Crochet Tie Front Top - and one ball of Hula in Limeade
Crochet Baby Jacket - and one skein of TLC Sparkle Soft in Yellow

Lion Brand Yarn Spring/Summer 2007 - and three balls of Wool Ease in Fucshia; Susan Bates size 11 14" knitting needles; extra tall tote bag

Sol Joy Basic Sock - with purchase of Sol Joy yarn

Two Purchased Patterns
Koigu Charlotte's Web Shawl with a Picot Edge

Fiber Trends Spring Blossoms Shawl by Eugen K. Beugler

There were also some patterns given by the instructors in the booklets and handouts in the conference classes - more on those later. I will comment on the books as I read and use them. I will also highlight any patterns I created. It's been two days since I knit, gotta go get my knit on. Tomorrow my yarn purchase list.

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WOW, you got some good deal!!!!