Monday, October 01, 2007

Oh My Goodness

There is so much going on. I finished my Six Sox KAL I Love Gansey Socks, they are lovely the pictures do not do the pattern justice.

The CGOA/TKGA Conference was a huge success, I learned so much I will never get to do it all. I met Amy for lunch Thursday and she brought me GIFTS - the felted bowl she made me is perfect for my new buttons I bought. Hilary Clinton came in just as I was leaving Sunday. I met several Ravelers that I am in Groups with, got some friending to do!!! Bought too much yarn, yep you heard it here first. I will be the first to admit that this time I bought too much yarn. Sunday the sellers mark down their stock so they have less to take home. That's when I scored the cashmere, silk and alpaca. I am not going to post pictures and I probably won't put pictures in Ravelry either - too much yarn. OK?!?! More on that later. Learned about some new design software. Met a few authors. Learned tons of tricks and short cuts. I received so many complements on my shawl that I am still blushing. I wanted to get my sock pic up, more on all the other fabulousness later. Some of my fashion show pics actually came out. I won a knitting machine at the banquet, but I traded Sydney for a pair of Lantern Moons needles. I cannot wait to get home and do a detailed post. I SO look forward to next year!

I received my sale books from Barnes and Noble. I have scanned them into Library Thing, hopefully some of them will upload to Ravelry. I have lots of yarn, books and patterns for my queue in Ravelry that need adding. I have some yarn dyers and knitters I need to find and friend. I actually met a lady from Stockton that had never heard of Lime & Violet - shocking!!

My Hogwart's Sock Swap Pal dumped me, no not really, she's with child and we agreed to shorten our package deadline and make a few modifications is all. So I have deleted her socks from my WIP, finished the Ganseys, I almost feel like I have nothing to work on.

Oh yeah, my Basics Basics Basics knitter's guild program came. I was even sitting with one of the Master Knitter recipients from Texas and the retiring Master Knitters program director at dinner. That was cool. I hope some of that expertise rubbed off.


Adrienne said...

Glad your confrence was a success! Love your socks!

quaffy said...

Just to let you know -- I managed to get into contact with the Knitting Ninja today. She's been having personal issues and has been without internet access for the past month. If she doesn't get back to you in the next week or so, you might want to send her another email.

Hope that helps!