Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Lacey Bits

I spent most of Saturday with the swift and ball winder. My focus has been on socks for months so all of my lace weight yarns are still in hanks, the exception being the Qiviuk which is sold in center pull balls. Therefore, I had a lot of color, weight and pattern matching selections to make. Then I spent a few hours getting it all wound up. The Good news being - there were no tangles. I am planning on starting with the Zephyr in Admiral Blue for the Mystic Waters Shawl, I am using the Qiviuk for the North Star Scarf. The lacey bits below are Knit Picks projects in Andean Treasure (Fog & Lagoon) and Shadow (Campfire) and my Arctic Lace Swatch 3 in Qiviuk. I am staying away from the silk blends for now. I did not wind any of the cashwool or alpaca either.

Unfortunately progress on lace items is usually invisible. It curls up in a ball and never looks like you have done much. I have determined the number of repeats on these projects that show progress. Five repeats seem to be the magic marker for the 3 Knit Picks projects, that's 20-25 rows of knitting. That will now be my minimum number of rows each time I pick these projects up. I dig this lace knitting. I get bored if I don't feel I am accomplishing something though - which is why I like knitting socks.

Sock knitting is what I consider instant gratification. A completed cuff, heel, toe, gusset or leg is very noticeable. So progress is evident and achieved with 10 or 15 rows of work. I am going to focus on completing the 52 Pair Plunge in November so I can be free for the two Lace KALs starting in January 2008.

I am putting my Vest and Jacket into hibernation on Ravelry. The vest is an optional layer, I just really liked the bookworm look of it. I have replaced the kenobi jacket in the wardrobe with a nice cashmere cardigan from Spiegel's. I will get back to them in the Spring. I believe I have enough to be getting on with for now.

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Adrienne said...

It's all beautiful to me!I have not tried lace! LOL