Thursday, January 06, 2011

Busy Busy Me

I have been spinning up a storm. I have 3 full bobbins. I need to spin the other half of each bump, Scarlet Letter, North by Northwest and The Tempest.

I am also socktastic, I am about to turn the heels on the second socks in Rudolph and Sockolate Mousse. I am ready to turn the heel on sock 1 in Chocolate Mint. I found the second ball of Navy Essentials yarn so I can now finish the second Ardeo sock.

I managed to squeeze in some shawl time as well. I added 20 rows to the Lazy Katy and I am on row 52 of the Eiffel Tower Shawl.

Weirder than weird - I want to work on the Cobblestone. Yep I am in the mood for endless rows of garter stitch.

No pictures of the wips but some random stash enhancement shots.

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cici said...

what a great fibertastic post!!Happy New Year♥