Saturday, January 08, 2011

First 11 in 2011

I have chosen 11 of my works in progress that I want to finish in 2011. Details in my Ravelry Projects.

1. Ardeo Socks ** DONE **
2. Chocolate Mint Socks
3. Cobblestone Sweater
4. Drop & Cross Scarf
5. Eiffel Tower Shawl
6. Glenesk Cardigan
7. Lazy Katy Shawl
8. Martini Scarf - Shaken Not Stirred
9. Rudolph Socks ** DONE **
10. Sockolatte Mousse Socks ** DONE **
11. Tweedy Clogs - Felted Clogs

Some of these projects were in hibernation, I have moved them back into the In Progress area of my projects list in Ravelry. The socks are all almost finished except the Chocolate Mint pair, I am still on sock 1. So this list will shrink quickly. The sweaters are mostly 50 % complete and just need some uninterrupted knitting time. The scarves have just been cast on. The shawls are a mixed bag, one barely started and the other progressing quickly.

I have some KALs coming up so there will be other knitting going on, intermittently. Spinning will also be a constant throughout 2011. But come hell or high water, the 11 items listed above will be completed this year. You heard it here first.


~RaenWa~ said...

I can't wait to see your projects as you finish them.

Sandra said...

Inspired by your hell or high water, I too have pulled out the UFO's - finished or frog.

Here's to finishing.