Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spin Along

I am participating in my first spin along. We all purchased Cloudlover fiber in The Tempest or The Magic Flute colorways. I chose The Tempest because it was available in Polworth, which I love to spin.

The Tempest
the tempest begins

It really looks different than I expected. I can say that about most of the fibers I have spun. They blend and combine into something much different than what is in the braid or bump.

I am currently working on my self striping socks and the Eiffel Tower shawl. But I received almost my entire Ravelry wishlist in a pay-it-forward love fest so I am anxious to cast on the Pamuya shawl in my handspun.


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cici said...

Love the colorway.. Happy New Years♥