Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love My Family

Wow I just attended the best family reunion ever!!!! It was our second one in St. Paul Minnesota. Exactly 10 years since we held one there before. It was wonderful. I shopped til' I dropped at the Mall of America. The meet and greet was unbelievable, the jazz quartet and my Cousin Libby did some music to die for. The food was yummy. Actually that can be a blanket statement - the food in the Embassy Suites breakfast buffet, Wollys Restaurant and the Bar was all delicious. The food at the picnic was oh so good!!! The kids had us doing Soul Train lines. I missed my cousin Carl and Carlton and Pat. I met tons of new Neals - hi Jessica. It was just FANTASTIC. My poor cousin Darin was mistaken for Justin Timberlake and snatched by some girls from a wedding reception across the hall - must have been the hat ;) I love my family - they make be feel apart of things, warm and loved. I miss them all so much this week. I miss their voices, their laughs, hugs, kisses and their stories. We have these reunions because we are spread all over the world, and I truly wish we were CLOSER geographically. Royce your mugs are on the way, Darryl don't hate me when you get hooked on the Samurai Sudoku puzzles I am sending you. Rest in peace Cousin Verna, we will miss you. I cannot wait to see you all again soon.

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