Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I am firing everybody. Before we even got home from the Cruise we found out that the doggy sitters had lost the pooch. Yes, my precious child ended up in the dog pound for several days. We received a letter that they were going to put him to sleep in a couple of weeks if we did not claim him. There were four messages on the machine about him. So without a doubt the dog sitters are fired.

The house sitter is fired too. If she was checking the house as promised she would have gotten the message about the missing child. Also, when I got to the front door when we got home the door was UNLOCKED. I have no idea how many days our house was left unprotected.

The mail man ignored our hold mail request and the mail box was crammed full. I figure with the state of the economy he'll be getting fired soon anyway so I'll skip him.

The Ship arrived into Baltimore late and we did not get to get off until almost 11 am. We missed our flight home. So they are also fired. US Airways had sold our reservation to United, who we had fired years ago - so US Airways is also being fired.

I guess that's everyone.


Adrienne said...


pigbook1 said...

Um... how the ? I mean honestly. I'm sorry. Hope things go better now that you are home

Dharmafey said...

That's awful!!! Thankfully your dog is ultimately okay and your home is safe! *hugs*

Dharmafey said...

That's awful!!! Thankfully your dog is ultimately okay and your home is safe! *hugs*

Janice in GA said...

Holy cow, that's CRAZY. And the petsitter didn't try to get hold of you to let you know something was going on????? If one of the dogs/cats I was caring for got loose, I'd be FRANTIC. I've spent the last 3 weeks worrying about a client's cat that went missing when the client was at home! (IOW, not when I was caring for the cat.)

But I actually care about the animals in my charge. :) Shame on your petsitter/housesitter for being so irresponsible.

cici said...

awww bummer... sorry to hear things went so badly

Anonymous said...

*phew* Remindme not to get on your bad side!