Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Troop 1390

On My Honor I will try to do my duty to God and my country to help other people at all times and obey the Girl Scout laws. It's amazing what I store in memory. Every Thursday at 2 pm at St. Peter's on 19th Avenue my Troop #1390 met. I won a trip to camp for selling the most cookies when I was 10 years old. And I have 26 girl scout badges on my sash.

How many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies did you buy this year? I bought two, Shortbreads and Samoa's. I stayed away from the Thin Mints because I just inhale those. Unfortunately, it's true what everyone says, they are not good anymore.

They don't taste anything like the cookies I sold, you get two rows less for $2.00 more. Sad turn of events. The skills and sense of community I got from Girl Scouts is priceless though. My Troop leaders were CREATIVE. Mrs. Brotten took us to a Hockey game. Mrs. Salens taught us acrylic, watercolor and oil painting. Mrs. Baer (Mother of the President of the SF Giants, Larry Baer) took us to the Circus at the Cow Palace. We also had camping trips to learn to swim, start fires, ride horses and make smores. Our troop was active and well run. I hope the Brownie I bought my cookies from gets half as much out of her experience as I did. I can be counted on to be prepared, I always have a safety pin, bandaid, vaseline, alcohol, aspirin, water, kleenex, small flashlight, swiss army knife, emery board, bobby pins and rubberbands. I have replaced personal time with charitable donations though. My Parents taught me to be honest, trustworthy and dependable, which also helped me be a good Girl Scout.

I think I'll buy a box of Thin Mints, just to check the current quality.

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cici said...

I can still recite that Plede too!.. and No the girl scout cookies just ain't what they use to be. I only bought one box of Samoa's... They cost more and you get less..