Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finished Bag Back

I completed the back of the Sipalu Bag last night. This bag has an old world tapestry charm. That is one of the the things that has always attracted me to Fair Isle Knitting, it looks like something from another century if done well. I recently purchased a couple of colorwork/stranded knitting books and was disappointed that there were no fair isle patterns. Real fair isle blends your colors and there is a background and forground pattern. The patterns in the books I bought are almost mosaic. There are two colors per row, but no blending rows. I am going to cast on a Sipalu Bag in the Warm Palette after I pick up the 320 stitches around the top of the bag tonight. Luckily I received my replacement 47 inch 3mm/US 2.5 needles from Knit Picks yesterday. Those folks are so wonderful. I don't know if I mentioned that one of my new needles had a broken tip. One e-mail and a new one was rushed out to me - and I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I spend 10% of my paycheck with them every month ;D They are nice to everybody!

I cannot wait to work with the warm palette colors and see how they blend. Kerin wrote a magnificent pattern for the yarn samplers. I am going to knit the primary pattern this time. Eventually I will knit all four bags. The Aguona laptop bag is very bright. I don't think I was expecting the white to be so dominant. It felt more blue in the photos. It is a little strange switching between the two projects. Knitting with Telemark on size US 4 after working with Palette on size US 2.5 takes some adjusting.

The Kenobi Jacket is still on the needles, I have not frogged it yet.

I watched The Sorcerer's Stone while finishing the back of the bag last night. I kind of miss Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys. If any of you know of another series of books like HP that I might enjoy please leave a comment.

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