Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost Done

My four day weekend is coming to a close. I got through most of my TO DO list. I did my taxes and e-filed them. I reorganized and cleaned out my closet, my desk and my cabinet. I did my filing. I finished the Sipalu bag in the warm color palette, except the strap. I knit through row 60 of 91 on the Blue Aguona Laptop bag. I cast on some self striping socks. I am currently working on the Candle Flame Scarf in Wollmeise, I knit 26 rows last night. I logged all of my yarn from the Starmore Kits into Ravelry. I spent some quality time with my pup. I cut all of the cardboard boxes up for recycling. I went through half a dozen Quilter's magazines and cut out my inspiration photos and put the rest into recycling. I finished David Baldacci's The Hour Game audiobook, and I am half way through John Sandford's Phantom Prey. I downloaded several free books to my Kindle2. I feel surprisingly rested, probably just because I was sleeping until 7:30 instead of getting up at 4:45. Although I did win $10 on a Scratcher ticket, I did not hit the Lottery so back to work tomorrow.

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cici said...

I am feeling tired after reading that list. That was a lot!. What a huge to do list. I am sure you are feeling quite productive. I am in envy of you. I need to get busy. I love making list too. I did do some spring cleaning this weekend and got my laundry done. I was happy to sleep in today. Better luck next time of the Lottery. I think the most I ever won was $50, but I spent $20. It would be so cool to win a lot of money. A friend that works with me won 100,000 once, but he couldn't quit his job. Guess I need to win about a million hahaha! before I could quit working. Let's keep trying. Which scratch is your favorite?