Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tick Tock

I am a clock watcher now. I am so disconnected from my work, that all day I am looking at the time. Waiting impatiently for 4:00 to roll around. I watch the calendar too - always looking forward to Friday. I don't hate my job, most of it is not even annoying. But I am a knitter now. I find my job a waste of really good knitting time. When I was a crocheter I did not have this problem. I would go through the day, commute on home and hook several rows before bed. The irony of it - the Chicks With Sticks group I joined here at work are responsible. They insisted I pick up knitting again, after all one high school scarf to go with my letter girl uniform could hardly count as knitting. They brought patterns upon patterns, e-mailed links to online sources, we took a field trip to the yarn store. It was a plot and I did not see it coming. They made me one of them, a knitter. I have passed the virus on, I have taught another to knit. Why are people worried about pod people and aliens, we have been invaded by knitters.

I received a partial order from Virtual Yarns, my Henry VIII small/petite sweater kit and my Lismore Sweater kit box 2 of 2. I am thinking they may need bigger boxes so they don't have to send so many. I am hoping the other boxes don't come today, my roomie is going to be in and out all day. I have slightly revised my Starmore Sweater knitting plans. Henry VIII is the ultimate so I will knit that one first, making sure I have enough of all the yarn colors. Then I will knit the Glenesk Cardigan and last I will knit the Lismore. The folks on Ravelry have me paranoid about yarn kit amounts. I bought the zip lock bags with the zipper tab and white label on the front so I can keep each colorway separate and marked. There being only one yarn tag per several skein group means I need to do the labeling myself. I believe one of the knitters who complained about running out actually mixed up two of the colors. Several of them are very very close, that is why the blending works so perfectly. I am also cutting the Leo Scarf in half. Even if the model on the pattern card is a mere waif, that scarf is huge. I am only going to do 4 pattern repeats instead of 8. Oh, and I got the bags with the zipper so I can unzip a corner and work with the yarns directly from the bags, tangle free. I found making a hole in a bag smooth enough for lots of yarn pulling is not all that easy.

I finished the welt and the first 3 rounds of the back panel on the Warm Sipalu bag. I will get as far as I can on it tonight. Tomorrow night I will get as far as I can on the Blue Aguona laptop bag. I am going to frog the STR Leafling socks, I don't even know why I am trying to force myself to knit those. I still haven't frogged the Kenobi Jacket - not sure why; I meant to weeks ago. This four day staycation I am going to reorganize my closet. My yarn bins need to be checked, I killed two moths last weekend. I have fresh lavendar so I am going to hang new sachets. The rest of the time I plan to finish the Wollmeise Candle Flame Scarf and the Sundara Tiger Eye Scarf. Sunday we are having company, our dear friend who lost her Mom last week is coming over for dinner, and my Sister and Brother-in-Law are coming. My Sister is picking up her new computer. I did not open or check it - don't want to risk computer envy.

I better get to work, since I don't have any knitting with me - and it's not even 9 o'clock yet. Sigh. . . .

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Anonymous said...

I see the fair isle bug has bitten you big time. And, we have the same tastes. I toyed back and forth between Henry VIII and Glenesk for some time. Lismore made my top five list too! I can't wait to see your knitting on any/all of these and thanks for the yarn organization tips!

P.S. Is that a rat terrier?