Tuesday, July 01, 2008

On the Mend

June 9 - surgery went well. Recovery room staff lost my Mom, and I was the one on drugs, really!!!! Finally got home and got a cup of coffee. I felt really good. Then dinner time came and I could not hold a fork or spoon and dropped lots of things from my usually-out-of-work left hand. But at least I had the rest of the week off to look forward to.

June 10-15 - not so much fun. I could not read, books were too heavy and awkward with one hand. Could not play sudoku - my 3s and 5s look the same when written with my left hand, and the rest of the numbers never quite ended up in the center of the square. No knitting or crocheting. Day time TV makes my skin crawl and Netflix turnaround time was just not fast enough. It was the only time in my life that I managed to sleep more than the dog!!! Also, I forgot to mention the temperature was between 94 and 104 degrees every day. Highlight - I totally know how to take a shower with a sock (no, not a wool one) and a plastic bag rubberbanded to my right hand.

June 16-19 back to work. I went to Starbucks for coffee since I cannot tear open the little sugar packets with one hand. I had to eat lunch out because my frozen lunches made my tote bag too heavy and awkard getting in and out of vanpool one handed.

June 18 - my birthday was wonderful. I received the most amazing roses and my Mom made me Lobster Thermidor and a Chocolate cake. YUmmmy. I also received many wonderful greeting, e-cards and Ravelry birthday wishes. Fabulous. I am a glorious 49 and can't wait to hit 50 next year and join AARP.

June 20 - I couldn't make it through the whole week, and took off Friday.

June 23 - my post op appointment was kinda interesting. I think he took the sutures out too soon though. Anywho I was taken off work until June 30. I have tons of projects, and deadlines and it's month end - but hey, I only have one right hand. If it does not heal properly there won't be another month-end or anymore completed projects. So I took a deep breath and let the work worries and stress release. And since I was being charged vacation time for June 24 - June 30 I told my teams to stop e-mailing me questions and passing on horror stories.

June 25 - my Mom had a birthday. I did what decorating I could do. She would not let me cook anything but we had fun. Needless to say she got a gazillion birthday cards from far and near and phone calls all day long. But, oh dear, my Uncle George FORGOT his baby sister's birthday. She stayed up until 12:30. But he was her first call the next day, bless his heart. I told her to cut him some slack, he turned 75 in May. She's still only 73 and she forgets birthdays now too.

July 1 - back at work and blogging. I have overdone it a bit and I have a cramp in my hand. I can knit again, I worked a row on some socks with size 2 needles and I did not feel anything anywhere. I cannot write for more than a few words with a pen or pencil - hurts too much. I can type without any adverse affects, but mousing more than 5 or 10 minutes hurts. I will finish my day by catching up on some legal articles. Tomorrow is another day, and I am on the mend.


noallatin said...

I'm glad to see that you're back. It's good to see that things went well.

Virtuous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bev!!!

Glad you are taking your time and not rushing your healing!

And I can't believe you are knitting on size 2s already!
Heck they cramp my hand now! :o)