Thursday, July 03, 2008

Catching Up

I have been listening to podcasts and reading Ravelry Forums. It is so nice to be getting all caught up on the knitting/crocheting world. I recently read a fun needlecraft mystery you may want to check out. If you want to read it let me know and I will mail my copy out to you [first come first served on that]. There is a cake recipe and a crochet pattern included at the end of the book.

UFOlympics August 8 -24, 2008

It is time to start thinking about my UFO for the UFOlympics 2008. I have lots of Unfinished Objects to choose from and I want to start another pair of Monkey Socks. I am a cheerer and clapper so I know I need to pick a project that will not suffer from being thrown aside occasionally. Socks are good, because a couple of rounds can be completed during commercial breaks. I have a vest and sweater project too that are mostly stockinette on larger needles. Either of them would be good for this challenge. I started them around the same time so they are both pretty old WIPs.

The Bookworm Vest probably has the best chance of being completed in 2 weeks time, it is knit all in one piece. I have to knit the pockets and shape the armholes and it is pretty much done. There are a ton of stitches per row but it is primarily stockinette.

The Kenobi Jacket has a variety of stitches. I still have to knit the sleeves and both front panels of the Kenobi Jacket. I may not be able to finish it in 2 weeks but I really do want to start wearing it this fall. Maybe I can get the sleeves out of the way, the unfinished part would be the just the two front panels.

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