Monday, July 14, 2008

Mending and Knitting

My hand is healing well. The scarring is minimal. The carpal tunnel incision area is still sensitive. I cannot turn a door knob or a key, or use the blow dryer - but everything else is doable. The thumb where the tumor was removed is completely normal looking and I have not had any problems.

So . . . I am knitting my needles off!!! I have completed 16 repeats of the Adamas shawl. I could start the border and finish it off. But, I am using a cone of Zephyr Main Line 2/8 so I want to use as much of the yarn as possible. I think I can do at least 18, maybe even 20 repeats before I start the border.

While catching up on the Ravelry Forums I discovered a wonderful little shawl by Izzy, called the Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl.

I could not resist. I cast on when I got home Friday night and I am almost done with the second chart. It is a great pattern. I am making it for Pam. She has given me some wonderful hand made jewelry and I had promised her a trinket chair. But the turning of the arms of the trinket chair became too painful so I never made one for her. The Japanese Feather and Fan shawl is very pretty and I thought of her immediately, I think she will like it.

Finished Projects 043

My Sister and I had another day out together. It was so nice. The weather was perfect, we found everything on our lists. We had Barnes and Noble's coupons and gift cards to spend - just a really lovely day. Our B&N Cafe Barista made the perfect Mocha for her and the perfect Caramel Machiatto for me. Then we went out to brunch and gossiped. We also celebrated, she just got a new job and will be working in San Francisco. This will be the first time we worked in the same city since we worked for Dun & Bradstreet in the 70's. I gave her my iPod mini for her commute. She has always worked where she could drive to work - but that's not convenient in the SF Financial District so she will be taking BART. The tunnel under the Bay Bridge alone calls for some kind of noise abatement. So I gave her my mini. I love "toys" and since I use my iPod Touch now the mini had been abandoned in a drawer.

I bought several Interweave Press Hurt Books and I cannot wait for them to come. I know it was only about three weeks, but it seems like I was cut off from knitting forever. Now I cannot get enough. I even pulled out my mystery sock bags that I need to complete for the 52 Pair Plunge. Oh my, when I look at my sock wip pictures on my sock blog I blush. I have not finished a pair of socks since MARCH. I might have to look at a pattern when I pick up the gusset on my next pair 8} I registered for the Sea Socks Cruise 2009 today. My Mom and I have been planning a trip to the East and never quite made it. Royal Carribean is our preferred cruise line, so when I saw the ship was RCCL Grandeur of the Seas and they had Superior Balcony Staterooms it was a done deal. We are sailing next June. Mom does not knit and she only wears her handknit socks for special occasions but she will enjoy the ship and the ports of call. And I, yes it's all about me - again - I will end up getting TWO goody bags.

I made my final decision for the UFOlympics. I am going to finish my Clay Felice Socks and my Feather and Fan Stole - both are of Knit Picks yarns. I still want to finish my vest and lots of my socks, but these projects have really been neglected.
Feather and Fan Stole
I really need the shawl for the artic air conditioning at work and I am dying to see what the stripes are going to end up looking like on the Clay Felice socks. I have several more skeins of Felice in my stash.

KP Clay

Okay, my posts are getting fewer and longer. Note to Self: adjustment needed . . .

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Emily H. said...

Three Weeks is a long time for knitters!!! I admire you and good luck with the healing wrist!