Monday, September 10, 2007

What's Going On

I finished the Plymouth Royal Bamboo (colorway #15) fingerless gloves for the co-worker who is alergic to wool. She is going on an Alaskan cruise later this month and she wanted some glovettes to keep her hands warm while she takes photos. Me to the rescue, cause that's how I roll. I did the little thing with the thumbs and it worked out fine. I knit the glovettes on two circular needles. When I reached the point where I wanted to make the thumb, I put the last 4 stitches from needle 2 and the first 4 stitches from needle 1 on scrap yarn. I added six stitches to the hand so as the glovette reaches her palm there is more width. After knitting 4 more rows I bound off the hand. I picked up the stitches on the thumb, adding one stitch on each side of the thumb so it would not get stuck when she pulled it over the knuckle. Voila. It worked and they are cute as heck. I put them in a little chinese take out box, slapped one of my hand made by me labels on there and delivered them this morning. I finished the first Fawkes sock and cast on the second one. The cuff and one repeat are done. I am struggling with the I Love Gansey socks - I HATE SUNDARA yarn. It is a pain working with this Sundara yarn, it tangles, does not stay in a ball and considering the definition of the stitches is not even worth all the work. I am going to have to destash the other two hanks I bought. There is no way I will ever make a project with it after this fiasco. The sock pattern is fine, and should be really pretty, but I am desperate to get the project off my needles because of the yarn. If I rip them out and switch to another yarn, that's about 20 hours of work lost. Can't think about that right now. As Scarlett O'Hara would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow".

While I am doing the ranting thing - I HATE KNITTING NINJA YARNS. They never shipped my yarn, they never responded to my e-mails, they never responded to PayPal's inquiry and when my claim was decided in my favor they only had .42 cents in their account, so that is all I got back. What I hate most about the whole ordeal - their yarn is beautiful on their website. :-{ Why couldn't they have just sent me some of it????!!!!!

Ms. Bellatrix is still behind the veil, bless her. She'll be getting some attention as soon as I finish my HSS2 socks for my pal. I am 4 rows into the colorwork but still cannot see how things are developing because the pattern is still too close to the needles. I should get a complete pattern repeat done tonight and see if it is working out.

I spent way too much time watching Golf and Tennis this weekend. I hardly knitted at all. Must do better this week. I also have pictures on the camera to upload. I did update my Ravelry stash and projects in my notebook. I finished the books I was reading and listening to. I have a few new podcasts in iTunes, but I wasn't in the mood for them so I saved them for this week.

I read on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum that Blue Moon Fiber Arts is discontinuing several colorways by Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007. I don't think any of my favs are on the list, except Puck's Mischief. I have enough Puck's Mischief for several more projects - it's like a magic neverending ball of yarn. No matter how big my shawl gets the ball still looks the same size, and I have two more balls!!

Hey I got an invite from Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women. They want to include me in their "Honors Edition" section of the 2007/2008 registry. I better get this form in the mail. Something cool for the resume, no?!?


Wendy said...

I knit one pair of socks with Sundara yarn, and I didn't have the problems you are having. Maybe you got a bum skein. I would return it.


Virtuous said...

Wow!! So sorry you had Sundara yarn...I was gonna buy some...but dang! LOL

Stick to your 1st love STR! :o)

Adrienne said...

Very cool stuff for your resume!

Sarah said...

I've never had a problem with Sundara either -- at least she's good about responding to customers, you should contact her about a return. Sounds like you got a wonky skein.

pigbook1 said...

how are the fawkes? mine are going really well, what yarn are you using?

Bev Love said...

After I finish my current Wips I may give the Sundara one more try with different needles and a different pattern. I am getting the Harmony Options, maybe they have more grip. I am just plain lazy about returning anything - I would rather gift the yarn to a swap pal.

Bev Love said...

My Fawkes are nearly done and they are in Firebird STR.

Deborah said...

sounds like you can save us all a lot of stress by keeping a running review of your yarn exploits!

quaffy said...

Grr, I had the same problem with the Knitting Ninja. I ordered some at the end of July, and I know it's never coming. Stupid me, I paid with a direct bank deposit because I live in Australia.

I'm sure she has some sort of illness or family problem, but I wish she'd put a note up on the website so that people would stop ordering yarn.