Sunday, September 02, 2007

3 days of Catching Up

I managed to get the rest of my sock stash pictures up on Ravelry (yes Dharmafey, that's only my sock yarn stash). I have printed and sorted some free patterns that are now in my queue. I have organized my supplies for the conference, I still need to do 5 6x6" swatches for homework though. Maybe tomorrow. I had to redo the excel spreadsheet for the I Love Gansey Socks and I am almost finished with the second repeat of the three charts. I also wound 20 balls of yarn; I had tangle problems with two hanks which added over an hour to the process. I got to use my electric ball winder, yeah!! All the Socks That Rock in that picture have been wound except the Silkie because I don't plan on knitting with it any time soon.

A few more goodies came in the mail. Tools are as cool as yarn to me. I really like the stitch count markers that look like diaper pins. Since I have started using the Knit Picks method of marking every 10th row, my socks are a perfect match. But since I also like to make more than one pair of socks at a time, I need a lot of markers. There is a tool I just discovered that is going to make my knitting life so much easier. I don't know when it came out but I just discovered it.

Oh my goodness whoever came up with this is a genius. It actually has the stitches printed on the see through ruler so you can get your gauge without having to count stitches or rows. You just match your fabric to the stitches on the ruler and see what your gauge is. Cool-a-licious.

I lucked out with the Patternworks clearance sale. There is no way to know what sizes the pattern run in, so it is often hit and miss. The Sideways Rainbow jacket is a good basic jacket pattern and can be knit in a solid which makes it really nice for work.

The Bom Ull is a very basic v neck pullover, what I like about this one is the way the sleeves are set into the shoulders and the v-neck has the perfect plunge to it. I will probably change the lace pattern on the cuffs and hem though.

My best buy was the Adrienne Vittadini Yarns pattern book. Lets face it, most Italian women are ample and fluffy, so the Italian designers size their patterns in realistic measurements. I won't have to resize any of the patterns I have chosen. Out of 18 patterns in the booklet I loved 6. I need more knitting time!!!

I got the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, but I don't know how much I will get out of it. The book is mostly about spinning and dying yarns. I still have those white Winter Socks in my queue too. I have found so many patterns to knit that my queue is getting lopsided. I came across this sock pattern while looking for something else. The sad thing is that I have cast this sock on and done the cuff. I don't know where I put it though :{ I will have to start over whenever I get back to them. I have two more KAL/Swap socks to finish then I will be free to knit without deadlines. I am obsessed with that Bayerische sock, and I will not rest until I make them. I also plan on knitting up all of the STR in the picture above and two more pairs of Hill Country Yarns Christmas socks, all in plain stockinette.


KimT said...

wow, you got a lot done! can't wait to see your progress on these great projects

Adrienne said...

WOW! you have a TON of yarn!!! Ineed to come to your house and help you "destash" lol

Virtuous said...

OMG Bev you have a lot going on!! But then again you aleady knew that! LOL

Now that you have your entire stash up(YAH!!) I will have to go check it out.

NEAT ruler!! Did you get that from Patternworks??

And I never thought about that and Italian knit designers that is so true! So I need to check out more patterns by Adrienne V her yarn is just pricey! :op