Monday, September 03, 2007

Horcrux Socks for Debbie

Horcrux Socks by Susan Lawrence
Worsted Weight Pattern
Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Dark Navy
Women's Size Medium on Size 6 Circular Needles
These were fun. I am going to make a pair in the sock weight pattern for me eventually. Still have the 6 Sox Knit Along socks to complete and my Harry Potter themed socks. I turned the heel and am about to pick up the gusset on the I Love Gansey 6SKAL sock and I am knitting the foot of Fawkes. I have not been able to give Bellatrix any attention at all. Since Molly Weasley has done for her I am sure she does not mind waiting behind the veil ;P.

I am casting on some fingerless mitts for a co-worker and my Swap Pals socks tonight. I am nervous about the little pattern I wrote. I hope it goes according to plan.

I made invisible progress on my Forest Canopy Shawl. I completed two more repeats, which is 16 rows and 2 inches. You cannot tell of course. The shawl is getting more scrunched up on the needles as it grows. I am up to (about) 139 stitches out of 195. I ran another lifeline at this point. I really want to have this blocked and wearable by the conference on the 27th. I will keep going at it and see what happens. Too blessed to be stressed about it.



Adrienne said...

These look great Bev~!

KimT said...

great looking socks. You are busy with those needles as usuall!