Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011

I am on 13 teams this year.  I want to spin for all of the dyers I buy fiber from if they have a  TDF team.  Then there are other Ravelry Groups and Plurk that I feel connected to whose teams I wanted to join.  All of my fiber will be spun on the Hansencrafts mini eSpinner so of course I joined their Footloose 2011 team.

I will be adding to this post.  I want to insert all of the team buttons.  Not all of the teams have buttons or tags, but I will add those that do.

Teams and Fibers to be Spun:
  1. Crown Mountain Farms - As Above So Below South African Top 4 ozs
  2. Fiber Optic - Sapphire Foot Notes Unspun Pencil Roving 80 % Merino 20% Nylon 4 ozs
  3. Julie Spins - Holiday 80% SW Merino 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon 4 ozs
  4. NatchWoolie - Butter Cream 80% Merino 20 % Tussah Silk 4 ozs
  5. The Painted Tiger - Radiant Swallowtail CHALLENGE FIBER Merino Tencel 4 ozs
  6. The Woolgatherings (tdfwg2011)- Mixed BFL Blue Green 8 ozs
  7. Footloose 2011 - Hansencrafts Team - all spinning is eligible for this group
  8. The KnitGirllls 2011 - all fibers eligible for this team
  9. Phat Fiber (TDFPhat2011) - any fiber from sample box participants is acceptable: Woolybullie, Natchwoolie, Woolgatherings, WC Mercantile
  10. Plurknit - all fibers are eligible for this team
  11. Team Cloudlover 2011 - Polworth in Dionysus
  12. Team Loopy Groupies 2011 -
  13. Peleton - 2011 (tdf2011) All fibers are eligible for this team

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