Sunday, July 24, 2011

TDF Day 23 C'est Finis

The final day of Tour de France and Tour de Fleece.  I completely overshot my goal.  I wanted to spin 32 ounces.  Four ounces more than I spun last year as a rookie.  My final count was 38 ounces spun, that is over 2 lbs of fiber spun.

My Teams were:
  • Cloudlover
  • Crown Mountain Farms
  • Fiber Optic
  • Footloose 2011
  • Julie Spins
  • The Loopy Groupies
  • The KnitGirllls
  • The Painted Tiger
  • The Peleton
  • Phat Fiber
  • Plurknit
  • Natchwoolie
  • Woolgatherings
I did not win any prize drawings.  I won 4 ozs of fiber in The Painted Tiger team drawing.

I did however make a lot of pretty yarn.

TDF 2011

TDF 2011

I will definitely participate again next year.  The total yards I spun 2,642 also put me over the top for The KnitGirllls Stash Dash with 4,705 yards.  So I completed the Tour de Fleece and the StashDash 2011 all in one fell swoop - pass the yellow jersey please  8-)

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! And very beautiful results, too. As a spinning newbie (anxiously awaiting the delivery of her first wheel), this is all strange and magical to me...but not unattainable, apparently.